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Schedule a Jumpstart Riding Session!

Start your journey with our Jumpstart Riding Session, a personalized introduction to horsemanship! Book now to kickstart your riding experience and unlock exclusive access to our monthly subscriptions.

The Benefits of a Jumpstart Session

Discover the joy of riding while working with one of our experienced instructors. This session is a chance for us to get to know you and assess your skills —a customized welcome to ensure the perfect fit as you embark on your horseback journey!


Kickstart your riding journey at Gilroy Hills Equestrian with our exclusive 30-minute private lesson, designed to elevate your riding skills.


Experience unparalleled one-on-one attention, ensuring that your introductory session is tailored to cater precisely to your specific goals and needs


Get impactful learning in half the time, maximizing your progress and honing your techniques effectively for exceptional results.


After your session, gain exclusive access to our premium subscription options, unlocking high-quality instruction at an unbeatable rate.

Explore our riding academy and subscriptions below.

Riding Academy

Elevate your skills. Ride with confidence.

After your Jumpstart Session, we'll place you in the optimal riding level. Progress from beginner to advanced, unlocking special privileges when you graduate from the advanced level.

Choose a subscription tailored to your preference for lessons per month.


  • Basic Safety, Tack, & Gear

  • Mounting & dismounting

  • Horse grooming & care

  • Balance in the saddle

  • Basic riding aids

  • Walking the horse

  • Halting the horse

  • Steering and control

  • Horse behavior & communication


  • Improving Groundwork

  • Trotting and control

  • Cantering basics

  • Improved balance

  • Improved posture

  • Refined aids for precision

  • Riding over obstacles

  • Basic lateral movements

  • Trail riding skills

  • Riding patterns


  • Advanced cantering

  • Jumping exercises

  • Gait collection

  • Gait extension

  • Advanced lateral movement

  • Riding with finesse

  • Flying lead changes

  • Dressage test routines

  • Advanced trail riding

  • Terrain handling

View our subscriptions below.

Subscription Options

Following your Jumpstart Riding Session, you'll be assigned to a beginner, intermediate, or advanced class. Choose your monthly lesson quantity with our premium subscription options.



Get going with 1 lesson per week, totaling 4 lessons a month.



Saddle up with 2 lessons per week, totaling 8 lessons each month.



Maximize progress! 3 lessons per week, totaling 12 lessons a month.

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